Book deal: To Get To The Other Side Coming Fall 2022

I am thrilled to share, that my debut novel was purchased by Melissa Rechter at Alcove Press. It’s an adult romantic comedy. The main tropes are forced proximity (roommates), and grumpy sunshine, and it follows Trixie and Bear as they attempt to remain platonic roommates while co-parenting a rescue chicken. Check out my books tab to read more about the book.

This was actually the second book I wrote. My first, felt like my practice book. It went through enough rounds of edits to make my eyes bleed, and I learned a lot writing it, but I knew deep down that it was my learning book. In the end, the writing was strong, but it wasn’t high-concept enough to carry its own weight as a debut. After only submitting to seven editors, my agent and I made the decision to pull it back, in favor of getting the book that ultimately sold out into the world instead.

To Get To The Other Side, which I lovingly refer to as chicken book was so much fun to write, and it felt like it had so much potential from it’s inception. Finding a chicken crossing the road in Chicago was actually based on a true story. It was so bizarre that my friend wound up with a pet chicken one day, I knew it needed to be in a book. With my friend’s blessing, I made it my opening chapter, and the rest of the story grew from there.

My favorite part of this book is Bear’s family. They’re wacky, and in your face, but have so much love for each other. I can’t wait for you to meet these characters, and I hope you’ll love them just as much as I do!

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