Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a signed copy of To Get To The Other Side?

Probably! I’ve either signed copies at or sent signed bookplates to all of these stores. I can’t promise they’ll have a signed copy in stock when you’re seeing this, but many of them are in areas I regularly visit and will try to check in with from time to time, and others I’m stocking with signed bookplates on request when they run out. I will also keep Schuler Books in Okemos, MI regularly stocked with signed copies.

What will your next book be?

My next release is LET’S GET QUIZZICAL, which comes out October 17th, 2023.

I’ve always got other books in the works and will be sure to add info here as anything else gets announced.

What are the content warnings for your books?

TGTTOS: Pet injury (animals are treated well in the book), Parental verbal/emotional abuse(mostly remembered, but there is a scene with Bear’s father being a jerk)

LGQ: Law enforcement/incarceration

What is the heat level in your books?

TGTTOS has a lot of sexual tension, but is closed door. LGQ is open door.

Will you join my book club’s virtual meeting about your book(s)?

I’d love to! I do have a full time job in addition to writing and kids, so my time is limited, and I can’t promise anything. That said, if the scheduling works, I’d be more than happy to. Email me!

I am a bookseller, can I get signed bookplates?

Absolutely! Send me a note with the name and address of the store I should send them to, and how many you’d like. I have these readily available.

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