To Get To The Other Side

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When she finds an injured chicken crossing the road in downtown Chicago, what else is there to do but adopt it? The only problem is, Trixie’s apartment is strictly no pets allowed, and she’s got one week to find a place for her and her new feathered friend to live.

Bear enjoys his quiet life… too bad his meddling sisters have other ideas, and unbeknownst to him, put out an ad for the extra room in his house. He’s ready to shoot down all the applicant, until he sees her.

Being platonic roommates seems like the obvious choice here (oh, sweet innocent babies… good luck with that!). Through co-parenting an injured chicken, and money making shennanigans to pay for vet bills, they test the limits of their ability to keep things just friends.

Let’s Get Quizzical

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Family-focused Charlotte has always loved game shows, and she’s finally gotten the call she’s always wanted – an invitation to compete on her favourite program. The timing couldn’t be better, because the prize money at stake could help her get the best care for her elderly Gran. Meanwhile, the call also comes in for Eli, and not a moment too soon. He and his father are struggling to balance multiple jobs, college courses, and the constant temptation to stray from the straight and narrow. All Eli wants is a chance at stability for him and his dad.

When they end up paired on a team together on set, little do the casting assistants know that Charlotte and Eli dated as teens and went through a terrible breakup. Between trivia questions, sparks fly and old grudges are aired. The two get caught up in the intensity of the show, and their bickering quickly turns into a tension relieving hand squeeze captured on camera. Eat your hearts out, viewers.

Things quickly get complicated when the show’s producer, Clint, sees the far from trivial viewership the duo are bringing in. Wanting to keep those ratings high, he proposes giving them the answers beforehand—something they all well know to be illegal. With the wellbeing of their families at stake, a second chance at happiness on the line, and a live national audience watching their every moves… Charlotte and Eli have important decisions to make.

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